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AEA In Edmonton

The AEA has come to Edmonton, checkout the events page for more details!.

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Welcome to Esports in Alberta


The Alberta Esports Association (AEA) was formed to bring Esports to Alberta.

From basement dwelling trolls to professional gamers, our mission is to bring events and information on everything video games and bring all of our gaming communities together.

Our plan is to have 3 prongs to the growth of Esports in Alberta: Casual, competitive and Social.


Our Lock In LANS are local events hosted in communities.  Our goal is to promote local gaming, by hosting fun tournaments and encouraging people to play together.

Because we want to encourage local gamers, Lock In LANS will start by not having internet available.  Instead gamers will come out, with their computers (BYOC) and connect to our servers for local area network play.  We hope that the nostalgia trip into the LAN events of pre-internet days will spark interest in gamers looking for something new, and provide a unique experience different from other events.


The competitive outlook, is going to be getting people out to compete and test their skills against the bests competition available in Edmonton.

We are looking to launch our competitive tournaments for the summer of 2017.  Stay tuned for more information.


The social aspect of the AEA, will be through our Discord servers and updates on Social Media.

We want to be the one stop shop for information on events happening across Alberta.  A community cannot be formed purely off of one person, and we encourage all gamers to come onto our social media and join the conversation.